Is your PC Running slow? Does your computer seem to freeze up on you every time you try to look something up on the Internet? Do you think your Hard drive has a Virus? Don’t spend hundreds on a new computer. Let Handisoft tune up the PC Tower or Laptop you own and get it returned to you running smoother than it has in years.

Handisoft offers 3 levels of tune-up service:

pctuneupBasic Tune-Up Services

  • Hard drive disk clean up of all non-essential files freeing up space on your computer to store important apps and documents.
  • Deleting internet cookies and temporary internet files which helps to guard your privacy online.
  • A thorough disk defragmentation enabling your PC to find and load apps faster.

pctuneupMalware Removal Services

  • Handisoft will comb your PC for any of the following that might be slowing down your system:
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Adware

pctuneupTotal Care Package

  • Hard drive disk clean up
  • Defragmentation
  • Removal of viruses, spyware, and adware

Handisoft will also help you install anti-virus software that you have purchased or that you have agreed to be downloaded and installed onto your PC.

Please review the Terms and Conditions of Handisoft’s PC Tune-Up services.

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